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New Tour of St Matthew's Now Available - Wednesday 2nd April 2014

A new tour of St Matthew-in-the-City that features many of the changes to the interior made in the last several years in 17 360 degree panoramas is available at

An introduction to the Revd Helen Jacobi - Wednesday 12th March 2014

This is the CV of the Revd Helen Jacobi, Vicar-elect of St Matthew-in-the-City. She will be installed as Vicar on Thursday, 1 May at 7:30pm. more...

Vestry Comments on Process of Selecting the new Vicar - Monday 3rd March 2014

A statement from the St Matthew’s Vestry on the recent nomination process and appointment of a new vicar. Vestry met on 24 February 2014. This was the first meeting since the announcement of The Revd Dr Helen Jacobi as the new Vicar of St Matthew-in-the-City. Members of Vestry had received questions from the congregation about the appointment process and the appointment itself. Conscious of our roles as elected representatives of the congregation, all of these questions were put to Bishop Jim White, who attended the first part of the meeting. As a result of the discussions, and conscious of the confidentiality of the more...

Glynn Cardy Resigns - Monday 8th July 2013

Sunday, July 6th Glynn Cardy announced to the congregation he will be leaving St Matthew-in-the-City to accept a position as the minister at the Community of St Luke's Presbyterian Church in Remeura.  He acknowledges that it is a very strange thing to be moving to a sister communion within the Christian Church after a lifetime of worship as an Anglican, and 29 years of ordained service in this Diocese. Nevertheless he believes that this is the right move for him at the right time. He will conclude his ministry at St Matthew-in-the-City on Saturday 5th October. Initially this new position takes the form more...

Clay is off to Barcelona - Friday 28th June 2013

The Revd Clay Nelson and his wife Lynette are off to Europe before beginning a three month pulpit exchange from 1 August through 30 October at St George's Anglican Church in Barcelona.  The Revd Andrew Tweedy, Chaplain at St George's, and his wife Billie will be arriving 1 August to work in Clay's place.

An Introduction to Andrew & Billie Tweedy - Friday 28th June 2013

Dear People of St Matthew’s As the time draws near for Clay and I to swap pulpits, he asked that I might introduce myself to you.   I am British, home town Leeds; although I have lived in the south of England for many years I still follow rugby league and Yorkshire cricket  and am looking forward watching some rugby of either code in New Zealand! I married Billie nearly five years ago and moved to be the chaplain of St George’s in Barcelona.  Between us we have seven grown-up children and more...

House of Bishops warn clergy - Friday 19th April 2013

Anglican clergy have been informed that if they officiate at a same sex marriage their bishop will be "forced" to remove their licence.  Clay noted, "The irony that politicians were able to act on their conscience, yet Anglican clergy are not given the same freedom is not lost on us."  What this means for St Matthew's is that while same sex couples can hold their wedding at St Matthew's (previous law prevents us from discriminating), Glynn and Clay cannot be the officiant without losing their licence to be priests.   As has always been true, they can conduct a more...

Billboard sells at auction - Monday 8th April 2013

St Matthew's put it's Christmas billboard up for auction on TradeMe and it sold for $860.  The proceeds will be used to continue our billboard ministry into the future.  The auction generated considerable interest with over 30,000 views.  Part of the interest was generated by the comments made by detractors of the billboard and the intentionally humourous answers.

St Matthew's Easter Billboard - Wednesday 20th March 2013

  St Matthew-in-the-City put up their Easter billboard today.  It depicts Jesus on the cross with the question “Is resigning an option?” Pope Benedict’s decision to resign caused an international stir.  While we, from our outsider’s perspective, think his decision was a wise and even courageous one considering the history and tradition of his context, it got us thinking about things from which we can’t resign. On Good Friday we remember Jesus’ crucifixion.  It was not a role that he could resign from.  Jesus' faithfulness to loving and including society's rejects got him killed.  Such faithfulness is not something one resigns from, for more...

Christians for Marriage Equality Welcomes Select Committee Report - Monday 11th March 2013

The national network Christians for Marriage Equality urges MPs to support the passage of the Marriage (Definition of Marriage) Amendment Bill into law. We are saddened to see some religious organisations resorting to fear mongering, misinformation and promulgating a message of exclusion that will further alienate young New Zealanders from participating in church life. People of faith are evenly divided on this issue. A May 2012 Colmar Brunton poll indicated that 46% of people who identified with a religion or spiritual group supported marriage equality while 47% did not agree that same sex couples should be eligible to marry. The difference is more...

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